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DIY – Chalkboard Meal Planner

Once upon a time my sweet boyfriend husband constructed a very handy little table for my crafty exploits. When we were done we were left with some scrap from the table top.

One of the pieces was long and skinny and kind of useless looking, but I had the perfect pin-spiration for a way to make it functional.


I had seen this chalkboard menu a while back and couldn’t get it out of my mind.

This weekend we finally got down to business! Our menu came to life a little bit differently, so I’ll take you through it.


We rounded up our supplies.


We chose to use spray paint. It took 3 coats to get good, even coverage.


We let the paint dry overnight. Then we “primed” the board, which is fancy speak for rubbing chalk all over it. This part is kind of messy, so you might want to have the vacuum on hand or at least put your board on top of something, like a fancy hot pink towel circa freshman year of college.


Then we mapped out our plan of attack. We used a Cricut to cut the letters, on paper first and then on vinyl. We also taped of some accent lines at the top and bottom. We placed the vinyl/tape and let it rest overnight before starting to paint.


Disclaimer: your canine companion may find this project a real snooze, don’t expect any assistance from the four legged fuzzball in your life.

Just like the spray paint, it took about three coats of the red accent paint to get the coverage and color we were looking for. I started out painting just two of the letters to make sure the vinyl created a good seal. Once I was sure, I pretty much just painted right over the vinyl we had laid down, though I was still cautious around a few creases that were left in the vinyl from a less than perfect application.


When you’re done and the paint is dry, peel of the vinyl and voila! A snazzy DIY to spice up your kitchen and your meal plan.

Have you ever used chalkboard paint? If so, what for? Do any fun DIY projects lately?


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