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Wine Wednesday: 2012 Gnarly Head Merlot


Merlot is often an overlooked grape. It’s not trendy and angsty like Pinot Noir nor is it full bodied and bold like Cabernet Sauvignon. It presents an excellent middle ground, building the backbone of Right Bank Bordeaux’s and giving new world vintners a canvas to present a myriad of fruit flavors centered on cherry and plum. Gnarly Head packs a whole lot of cherry flavor into their take on this varietal and it did not disappoint.

Hailing from northern California, Gnarly Head produces some excellent, fruit forward wines. This Merlot is no exception. The palate is full of ripe, juicy cherry flavor. Think of fresh black cherries from the supermarket and the rush of flavor and subtle tartness you get. It’s also a great deal, at around $7/bottle.


See: Dark crimson

Sniff: Black cherries, plum, leather

Swirl: Medium to full body

Sip: Cherries, cherries, cherries (did I mention cherries?)

Savor: Dry, tanninc finish, fruit flavor fades, herb and spice flavors linger

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  • Reagan the recipe hoarder February 12, 2015, 9:09 pm

    Thanks for the review! I’m a wine novice & learning how to pair with food. This really helps a lot! I enjoy your blog & your posts on IG.

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