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Wine Wednesday: 2011 Raymond Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon


For the past few years as a birthday present, I’ve treated myself to a high quality steak and an exceptional bottle of wine. In keeping up with the tradition, I ventured into Napa Valley to sample the Cabernet Sauvignon from Raymond Vineyards. The lush fruit flavors and balanced tannins made for an exception pairing with the steak, making this birthday boy quite pleased with his choice.

High quality wine comes at it’s price. At $34, it’s certainly something I saved for a special occasion, but it was worth every penny. The rich blackberry and cherry flavors gave the steak a fuller, juicier flavor. And the tannins helped cut the fat, creating a mellow, smooth finish for both the steak and the wine.


See: Very dark plum

Sniff: Blackberry, ripe cherry, spices

Swirl: Full body

Sip: Blackberry flavors follow through

Savor: Balanced, dry, tanninc finish, fruit flavor fades

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