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Phineas’ Favorite Things

Like all self-respecting, dog-obsessed crazy people we spend lots of time doting on the always dashing Mr. P. Our little westie bestie is well cared for, if not spoiled. Today we thought we would share some of his most favorite things.
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Introducing Mr. P…

Let’s clear the air before we go any further… We are those people with the dog.

You know the ones without kids that dote, spoil, and anthropomorphize all the live long day?

Yes, that’s us. 


One day in the future we will probably refocus on a gaggle of tiny humans, but not today.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s focus on our subject. Phineas is a pretty cool little guy. A terrier through and through, our westie pal came to live with us when he was just 8 sweet, tiny weeks old.


(melt-worthy baby dog picture included to help you reach your recommended daily dose of cuteness)

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