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Life in the ‘Lou

Autumn Visitors

From St. Louis to the town where we grew up is almost exactly 1000 miles. That’s right one thousand miles. That is a long way to be from home. It’s also a long way to travel. We are very lucky that we have wonderful family and friends who don’t mind the trek.leadphoto
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If you follow on the ‘grams you’ve probably notice our collection of selfies that has been growing over the past few weeks – the aforementioned selfies feature us holding pumpkin beer and grinning like idiots. If you don’t follow on the ‘grams a.) you should get on that b.) let us recap for you our grand adventure.

One evening I was perusing the intertubes when I saw that our lovely local food and drink publication, Sauce Magazine, would be having a pumpkin beer hunt. If you remember our Bikes and Brews tour, you know that this sort of thing is right up our alley. We quickly decided we needed to participate and being the competitive creatures that we are we also decided it was imperative that we win. So the plotting began… and by plotting I mean that Bryan made a spreadsheet and did some math because that’s how engineers roll.

Without further ado, here are the beers we found and sampled on our hunt.

We started by rounding up some of our favorite beers at the local beer store (hi craft beer cellar!).


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Weekend Roundup

Ah… Monday, Monday. Rather than jump right into this week’s lengthy to-do list I would rather relive the weekend for just a few minutes. I hope you don’t mind.

Great Forest Park Balloon Race (but, really just the balloon glow)

This is a must attend event in our book. The first year we lived in St. Louis we headed to the balloon race and it was neat. While we were there we learned that there is a “glow” the night before. When the Great Forest Park Balloon Race came around the following year, we opted to attend the balloon glow.


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Food Truck Friday

We had a crazy summer. So crazy I’m not sure where it went. We were gone quite a bit, there were some summer classes and a bunch of visitors to the ‘Lou.

As a creature of habit it is so nice to go back to business as usual. Low key weekends that feature dog-friendly events and activities are my favorite. They’re Phineas’ favorite too.


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Weekend Roundup

This post should probably be more appropriately named “what we did on Saturday night” because if we’re being honest with ourselves the rest of the weekend wasn’t that exciting. However, Saturday night was a delightful return to one of our favorite local events.

There’s a handful of things we’ve done every year since we’ve moved to St. Louis. Most of them are around this time of year which is a function two things…

1.) Many of the coolest activities in STL are at this time of year.
2.) When we first moved here I was a fun-employed hermit. I hadn’t found a job yet and I’m pretty sure the only place I dared to venture was Starbucks, because it was familiar and comforting and not Walmart.

So long story short we didn’t get out too much until fall. And here we are again, fall, my favorite season!

One of these fall traditions is going to the St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton.

Before heading to Clayton we made a stop at Dewey’s Pizza in University City, which never disappoints. We usually do carry out, but decided we would eat in this time. It was so busy that we snagged seats at the bar rather than waiting for a table.

We started with a beer. Bryan chose The Civil Life English Pale Ale and I went with the Goose Island Rambler IPA. We were off to a good start.


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