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Wine Wednesday: 2011 Castle Rock Pinot Noir


Good, affordable Pinot Noir can be difficult to come by, especially if where you shop doesn’t rotate their wine selection often. I stumbled upon this in the grocery store the other day and figured I’d give it a shot. We had some guests in town and I was looking for something with some good fruit flavor that didn’t have a super dry finish, something we could enjoy on its own without needing food to supplement the flavor. I was pleased to find out this checked all those boxes.

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Shrimp Scampi Zoodles

I present to you the quickest and cleanest meal to ever hit this blog. Back story — I am a crazy lady and roped Bryan (poor guy) into doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox with me. So here we are cook book in hand, trying to piece together some new, 21DSD friendly meals.SSZ_0 [click to continue…]

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For the past few years as a birthday present, I’ve treated myself to a high quality steak and an exceptional bottle of wine. In keeping up with the tradition, I ventured into Napa Valley to sample the Cabernet Sauvignon from Raymond Vineyards. The lush fruit flavors and balanced tannins made for an exception pairing with the steak, making this birthday boy quite pleased with his choice.

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Wine Wednesday: 2012 Gnarly Head Merlot


Merlot is often an overlooked grape. It’s not trendy and angsty like Pinot Noir nor is it full bodied and bold like Cabernet Sauvignon. It presents an excellent middle ground, building the backbone of Right Bank Bordeaux’s and giving new world vintners a canvas to present a myriad of fruit flavors centered on cherry and plum. Gnarly Head packs a whole lot of cherry flavor into their take on this varietal and it did not disappoint.

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Valentine’s Day Snack Mix

What’s this you say? Valentine’s Day is upon us? Cool. I hate to be a bore, but I like to keep it low-key for V-Day. I prefer a cozy night in with my valentine (and my valen-canine). However, I feel like this snack mix is just festive enough for me to show that I’m not a total bah-humbug. It’s also easy enough to whip up if you’ve forgotten the holiday or a snack for your brown-bag lunch (PSA: please use a reusable lunch bag/box, kthx.). Also, with those little goldfish pretzels this snack mix is keeping me young at heart.00_Watermarked_VDSM
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